“I have been in Brian’s class for 2 years and I have really learned a lot. The songs he makes and teaches me are amazing! I have had an amazing experience and admire his belt system. He has inspired me a lot and if I didn’t have him as a guitar teacher, then I don’t think I would be playing the guitar right now.”
–Ethan H; Student
  “My son is a BIG fan of his Rock Dojo lessons with Brian. He is only in 1st grade but has already been a budding guitarist for a year with Rock Dojo. Brian is super positive and motivating for the students. He is patient and uses positive feedback continuously throughout his lessons. My son has done mostly group lessons, but also a 1:1 and the pacing of the lessons has been perfect for him”
–Gretchen G; Parent 
  “My son has worked with Brian and Rock Dojo for several years, in both group settings and private instruction. Brian is an amazing teacher and inspirational mentor – my son absolutely loves working with him and has grown tremendously as a guitarist thanks to Brian’s instruction and encouragement. I wholeheartedly recommend Rock Dojo to anyone who’s child wants to learn to play guitar!”
–Cary L; Parent


Private Group Guitar Lessons
$215 for 8-weeks

Bring the award-winning Rock Dojo group guitar lessons to your home, school, or community center in Portland, OR. Contact us today to book group guitar lessons! 

Private Guitar Lessons
$520 for 8-weeks

Leverage the power of ROCK to help your child cultivate the skills of success! During the Rock Dojo private guitar lessons, we use music as a vehicle to teach kids the skills and the mindset they need to be successful in music and in life! All private lessons come with student success training, which includes: SMART goal setting sessions, student evaluations, skill assessment and a final project.

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