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Celebrating Black History Month: Top 5 Black Male Guitarists

We are finishing up the celebration of Top Guitarists for Black History Month with a list of the top five black male guitarists. Yesterday we listed the top five black female guitarists. Almost every top black male guitarist list is different. Some lists are based on technical skill, others are based on historical significance, and […]

Black History Month: Top 5 Black Female Guitarists

We are near the end of celebrating Top Guitarists for Black History Month. In today’s post we celebrate the top 5 black women guitarists. We also have a list of top 5 black male guitarists. To this day when you google, “top guitarists of all time.” you will usually get a list of male artists. […]

Guitar Lessons For Kids: Reading Guitar Tab

Kids Learn Guitar Online With The Help Of Rock Dojo  Do you have a child who is musically inclined? Does your child have an interest in guitar? Thanks to Rock Dojo, your child can learn guitar from guitar sensei all from the safety and comfort of your home! Rock Dojo is currently offering free online guitar lessons for children! Our guitar lessons […]

Guitar Lessons For Kids: Their First Riff

Your Child Can Learn Guitar From The Safety Of Your Home  What if your child could pick up a new skill that would allow them to unleash their creativity from the safety of your home? With free online guitar lessons from Rock Dojo, they can! Now is the perfect time to get your child started on an online guitar lesson […]

Learning Easy, Accessible Guitar Skills For Kids

Give Your Child Access To A Great Creative Outlet With Help From Rock Dojo  It is so important for children to feel free to express themselves creatively. With the help of Rock Dojo, you can give your child the tools they need to learn the creative skill of guitar playing! With our free online guitar lessons, it’s easy to get your […]

Celebrating Black History Month: Sister Rosetta Tharpe

The Original Soul Sister We are kicking off our celebration of Top Guitarists for Black History Month with the Godmother of Rock and Roll and the Original Soul Sister. Long before Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash were fusing gospel music with rock ‘n’ roll, there was Sister Rosetta Tharpe who […]

Learning The Guitar Strings With Rock Dojo

Encourage Your Child’s Creativity By Helping Them Learn Guitar  Giving your child a creative outlet can be a fulfilling experience for them. If your child is interested in music, in particular in guitar, you have the opportunity to sign them up for free online guitar lessons with Rock Dojo. That’s right! The first lessons offered by the award-winning guitar lessons for kids program are […]

Get Free Guitar Lessons From A Guitar Sensei

Learn To Rock With Rock Dojo! Free Guitar Lessons For Kids  One of the best ways to enrich your child’s life is to encourage interest in hobbies. With Rock Dojo’s free online guitar lessons for kids, it’s easier than ever to help your child gain the skill of playing guitar! The Rock Dojo program is one that parents can trust. Rock Dojo’s guitar program […]

Learning Parts Of The Guitar With Rock Dojo

Rock Dojo Offers Free, Safe, Online Guitar Lessons For Kids  When your kid shows interest in a new hobby, nurturing that passion and helping them learn can help them develop new and interesting skills! If your child has expressed an interest in music, consider turning to Rock Dojo! Rock Dojo’s award-winning guitar lessons system is one that will have […]