Author: Rock Dojo Guitar Lessons for Kids

Why Portland Kids Are Signing Up For These New Award-Winning Guitar Lessons

Portland, Oregon is no different when it comes to loving music. Portland also does not have a shortage of kids who want to learn guitar. What Portland does have are unique guitar lessons that are exclusively taught at 10 local Portland schools. Children who learn and graduate through the Rock Dojo method graduate with skills […]

New Musical Prodigies Are Born Every Day—Is Your Kid Next?

BEYOND MOZART and CHOPIN When we think of musical child prodigies, most of us travel back 300 years to Mozart. He started playing the piano at three and composed his first composition for a string trio at five. In fact, even when we think of “modern” child prodigies we still go back over a century […]

5 Famous First Guitars and How They Learned to Play Them

The benefits of learning the guitar go far beyond being fun and looking cool. When taught a young age, it gives kids an advantage in the ability to learn and socialize with others. Leaders in any industry or culture have strength in the ability to grasp concepts and read social cues from their peers. Learning […]

6 Surprising Celebrities Who Also Play Guitar

Learning to play the guitar is not just for a career in rock! Many famous successful people learned to play the guitar and credit the skill to their success in other areas. Here we list some famous personalities you may not know played the guitar. Some of these famous people are current headliners while others […]

Victory: Moveable Power Chords in G Minor

Although power chords are—well—powerful, they can also be tender and delicate. In this study, co-written by a 9th grade student of mine, you’ll master power chords in the key of G Natural Minor. Just remember to all open 4th string to ring throughout the entire A-section. This technique, known as a pedal tone, is used […]