After-School Group Guitar Lessons at Abernethy


Rock Dojo at Forest Park Elementary School

The Rock Dojo is now offering group guitar lessons at Abernethy!

About Abernethy 

Abernethy has been a gathering and learning place in inner SE Portland for nearly 80 years. Abernethy was built in its present location at SE 14th Avenue and Orange Street in 1925. Abernethy believes that a strong neighborhood school creates a safer and friendlier community for everybody. The families, teachers and staff at Abernethy are proud to continue the tradition of being a part of a strong, viable neighborhood school. Although the school is closely identified with the Ladd’s Addition neighborhood, Abernethy actually serves a much broader community. Abernethy’s official boundaries span from SE Powell to SE Hawthorne Blvd., and from the Willamette River up to approximately SE 39th Avenue.

Rock Dojo After-School Group Guitar Lessons at Abernethy

During our after-school group guitar lessons at Abernethy, students will learn:

  • The 5 Must-Know Musical Concepts for Rock Guitar such as moveable power chords and the minor pentatonic scale. 
  • How to play together as a guitar ensemble
  • How to accompany their friends with bass parts, power chords, and harmonized lead guitar lines!
  • And how to compose their own original music on the guitar!


What are Kids Saying About the Rock Dojo?

“I have been in Brian’s class for two years and I have really learned a lot. The songs he makes and teaches me are amazing! I have had an amazing experience and admire his belt system. He has inspired me a lot and if I didn’t have him as a guitar teacher, then I don’t think I would be playing the guitar right now.”– Ethan, age-12

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Brian Parham is the founder of the Rock Dojo in Portland, Oregon, where he teaches hundreds of kids between the ages of 6 and 12 years-old to play, perform, and compose their own original music on the guitar in after-school group guitar lessons. He’s also the author of three guitar method books including Guitar for Kids: Rock Dojo The Complete Belt System.


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